Monday, April 11, 2011

A Mother's Dua

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There once was a little boy who lived in Saudi Arabia. He was around 2 years of age, and quite a naughty toddler, as they usually are! :) One day, his mother had made a big feast for guests that had come over. As is the custom in Arab countries, she set the food on the ground in a majlis type area, with different meals in each plate. When she left, the little boy was alone with the food and took the opportunity to put dirt in every single plate available. All of the food was wasted! The mother was infuriated. Most mothers would lose their tempers and yell meaningless words at the child, maybe even throw in a few swear words here or there. But not this mother. She did get mad, but her piety caused her to say, "May you be the imaam of this Ummah!!"

That little boy grew up to become Shaykh Sudais, the imaam of the Grand Mosque in Makkah. :) SubhanAllah! The power of Dua!